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By using advanced medical technology, endovascular procedures are often performed using minimally invasive techniques - sometimes with just a small needle puncture. 

Please use this site to learn more about vascular disease and the minimally-invasive, catheter- based procedures available for:
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms 
  • Penetrating Ulcers of the Aorta

In addition, open vascular reconstruction is an option for patients with advanced or complex disease. As  top vascular surgeons in Ventura County, Dr. Skillern, Dr. Kong, Dr. Guo and Dr. Li look at all vascular therapy options for their patients.

Minimally invasive endovascular treatment options are incorporated with
time -honored operative techniques used for more complex vascular problems.

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West Coast Vascular is one of the leading vascular practices in Southern California with four Board Certified Vascular surgeons on staff. Dr. Skillern, Dr. Kong, Dr. Guo and Dr. Li are highly skilled vascular surgeons in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties with experience in the most progressive, cutting edge vascular care available today! 
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C. Shawn Skillern, M.D.
Li Sheng Kong, M.D.
Sydney S. Guo, M.D.
Li Sheng Kong, M.D.
Board certified vascular surgery. Specializing in endovascular surgery and vein therapy.

Sydney S. Guo, M.D.
Board certified vascular surgery. Specializing in endovascular surgery and vein therapy.

C. Shawn Skillern, M.D.
Board certified vascular surgery.  Specializing in vascular and 
vein therapy.
West Coast Vascular
West Coast Vascular
World Class Vascular Surgeons

Edward N. Li, M.D.
Board certified Vascular Surgery. Specializing in Vascular and 
Vein Therapy

The West Coast's Center 
for Vascular Treatment

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